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On November 15, 2011 the Board of County Commissioners, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, and the Fort Carson Command entered into an historic agreement to build the Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex.

Signing Ceremony - From Left to Right
Col. McLaughlin, Sgt. Maj. Dailey, Maj. Gen. David Perkins, Commissioner Lathen, Commissioner Clark, Commissioner Littleton, Commissioner Hisey
El Paso County is proud of its tradition as the home of the Guardians of Freedom, who serve the United Sates of America selflessly. This tradition has spanned decades and generations, and is forged by sacrifices made by the sons and daughters of our community, answering the call of duty, to serve our blessed nation, and in defense of the most precious of human callings, FREEDOM.

This most noble of deeds is served by the world's best Armed Forces, uniformed by our great nation and pledged by the soldier's own life, and must be met by an absolute commitment to serve them...
- Commissioner Lathen
Signing Ceremony
Signing Ceremony - From Left to Right
Sheriff Terry Maketa, Commissioner Dennis Hisey, Maj. Gen. Joseph Anderson, Commissioner Amy Lathen, Col. Robert McLaughlin, Commissioner Sallie Clark, Sgt. Maj. Kilpatrick, Commissioner Peggy Littleton