Travel and Transportation
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Travel and Transportation

Getting Here and Getting Around
El Paso County is accessible by land and air. The Colorado Springs Airport is served by eight airlines that host 110 flights per day. Interstate 25 and US Highway 24 serve as the major ground transportation corridors. Interstates 70 and 76 lie one hour north.
Mass Transit
Transportation Tips
Road Conditions
Mountain Driving
Driving in the mountains can be challenging. Steep roadways and less oxygen place heavy demands on any vehicle. The following guidelines will help to reduce the stress on your car.
  • Use lower gears when traveling downhill to reduce the wear on your brakes. Pull over and let brakes cool if you smell the brakes burning or notice a change in your cars breaking. Do not drive if the brakes are not working properly.
  • Use lower gears uphill if you notice a loss of power.
  • When stopping, let the engine run a minute before turning it off.
  • Using air conditioning can contribute to power loss.
  • Power loss, rough-running engine or an engine that will not start are symptoms of vapor lock. Let the vehicle sit for 30 minutes if you suspect vapor lock.
  • Slow drivers should use the rightmost lane and safely pull over when congestion begins to build behind you.

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