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Citizen Outreach Group

Citizen Outreach Group (COG)

COG History:

The El Paso Board of County Commissioners established the Citizen Outreach Group (COG) in 2005 to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners and to facilitate communication between county citizens and the Board of County Commissioners (By-laws).  The Board of County Commissioners has since increased the number of members to fifteen, including two members representing each of the county's five commissioner districts, and five at-large representatives. District and at-large members serve for three-year terms, with service limited to two consecutive terms.

COG Mission:

cogTo build citizen confidence in El Paso County government.

The COG acts as a liaison between county residents and the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC), other Countywide elected officials, and County staff to help achieve a fundamental goal of the County Strategic Plan: "Increase public understanding, trust, and confidence in County government."

Citizens College:

The Citizen Outreach Group conducts a "Citizens College".  This interactive education course allows citizens to learn first-hand how county government works.  To view the curriculum for the Citizens College, click here.

County Volunteer Reception:

The Citizen Outreach Group also plans and hosts County volunteer appreciation events.

Additionally, the COG organizes Community Forums representing the five commissioner districts. These forums are announced through the local media and on the County website under "News Releases."

Citizen Communication:

The prime purpose for establishing the Citizen Outreach Group is to foster communication between county residents and our county commissioners.  Citizens may bring issues to the commissioners during the citizen input portion of each commissioner meeting (click here for commissioner meeting info).  Citizens may also attend the COG meetings where citizen input is taken.  Citizens can also E-mail the COG with concerns or issues.

The COG will also be conducting Community Forums in each of the districts starting in 2008.  Once a schedule is determined, it will be posted on this page.