County Seal with text that reads "News Release - El Paso County Department of Human Services"

Family support is critical for the well-being of children.

“The Department of Human Services strives to help families become self-sufficient,” said Julie Krow, DHS executive director. “Child support is one way to make sure children have the financial support they need to thrive, and parents are engaged in their children’s lives.”

National Child Support Awareness Month was established in 1995. Child support has long been recognized as critical to self-sufficiency for families. The needs of a child don’t change even if family structure changes.

Child Support Services is a federally mandated program. El Paso County contracts with YoungWilliams to offer services. At any given time, Child Support Services manages approximately 18,300 cases and collects over $52 million in child support annually.

Child Support Services had a record percentage of current support collected in July, resulting in $3.2 million in current support collected and another $1.4 million collected in past due support.

The program is also focused on ways to help families. Through the Parent Opportunity Program, about two-thirds of noncustodial parents involved with Child Support Services have found employment.

“Child support secures the bond between parent and child, promoting financial support as well as emotional support,” said Jeff Ball, El Paso County CSS Administrator and YoungWilliams Vice President.

Child Support Services can be contacted by phone at 719-457-6331. CSS can be reached by email at Paperwork can be dropped off at the office on the first floor of the Citizens Service Center building, 1675 West Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs. A kiosk is available at the location for child support payments.