El Paso County Strategic Plan


Simply put, strategic planning is assessing our current efforts and charting a course to maintain and/or improve desired services for our citizens. The Strategic Plan helps us make decisions on allocating human and capital resources to achieve the identified goals, strategies, and objectives.

Further, the Strategic Plan encourages collaborations, partnerships and creative thought among County leadership, partners, stakeholders, municipalities and citizens. Finally, the Strategic Plan clearly communicates the County’s intended direction over the next five years.


El Paso County is a regional leader providing valued and necessary community services in the most cost-effective manner.


  1. Maintain and promote a financially sustainable County government that is transparent and effective.
  2. Continue to enhance the understanding of civic services and promote participation, engagement and confidence in County government.
  3. Maintain and improve the County transportation system, facilities, infrastructure and technology.
  4. Consistently support regional economic strength.
  5. Strive to ensure a safe, secure, resilient, and healthy community.