Image of El Paso County Department of Human Services Executive Director Julie Krow

El Paso County Department of Human Services Executive Director Julie Krow

We are thrilled to announce Julie Krow, the El Paso County Department of Human Services Executive Director, is the 2020 winner of the Colorado Human Services Directors Association Director of the Year award. Ms. Krow was nominated by El Paso County Commissioner Cami Bremer, a fellow director, and local DHS staff members, and the award was voted on by directors throughout the state. Nomination submissions highlighted Ms. Krow’s dedication, skills, leadership, and the department’s unwavering dedication to helping families and protecting our region’s most vulnerable.

“I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award than Julie Krow,” said Board of County Commissioners Vice-Chair Cami Bremer. “COVID-19 changed things for everyone. In our greatest time of need, she ensured our region’s vulnerable children and adults remained protected. She did was she always did; she maintained her laser-focus on her mission, her staff, and kept everyone safe. Her work undoubtedly saved lives.”

Under her leadership, El Paso County excels across the data measures used by the state of Colorado to monitor and guide human services departments. She continues to push for improvement across all divisions in DHS even when performance data points near perfection. Ms. Krow also understands that DHS does not work alone. She has fostered community partnerships, in addition to her work with her peers across Colorado. She also keeps in mind the well-being of staff. She led a bipartisan effort to protect the personal information of human services workers in Colorado with two pieces of legislation.

“Protecting our region’s most vulnerable citizens requires dedication and innovative thinking from all levels,” stated Chris Garvin, El Paso County DHS Deputy Executive Director. “Julie Krow is the type of leader who encourages her staff to find better ways of doing critical human services work. She encourages creativity and new ideas, and she always shared the credit with her staff. Just as importantly, she readily supports her fellow directors across the state to make sure all human services staff can efficiently and effectively serve those in need. She is the model human services director in Colorado and this award is well-deserved.”

“As we all know, Julie Krow has been a leader within the human services system for many years, and we have been lucky to have her as a county human services leader and advocate for some time,” said Lexie Luznick Colorado Human Services Directors Association Director. “Ms. Krow has made an enormous impact both within El Paso County and statewide. We are indebted to her for the leadership she has demonstrated within CHSDA.”

CHSDA is an organization dedicated to a human services system which promotes the strength, well-being, and self-sufficiency of individuals, families, and communities. The Director of the Year award draws nominations from all 64 counties across Colorado. The intent is to recognize a director who most clearly demonstrates leadership and the ability to serve and advance the human services system at a state or regional level and improve services for the most vulnerable.

The award comes at a touching time. Ms. Krow recently announced her retirement plans after 40 years of service in the human services field.