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El Paso County is proud to host the Spring 2022 Citizens College with sessions held May 4 through June 15. The Citizens College is presented by the El Paso County Citizen Outreach Group.


Mission of Citizens College:

To serve as an introductory program to better connect citizens (of all ages) to the services and major functions of El Paso County.

Goals of Citizens College:

  • Build familiarity for citizens with County departments & elected officials
  • Reduce the unnecessary negative mystique associated with local government
  • Create access for citizens to better understand County operations and facilities
  • Create greater awareness for our award winning County
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2022 Course Specifics

  • Introduction Session – Commissioners Welcome address, County-City Differences, Budget and Master Plan Overview
  • Criminal Justice Session – Inter-workings of the Sheriff and Coroner’s Office presentation, tour of Criminal Justice Center and Coroner’s Office
  • Roads, Recreation & Emergencies Session – Overview of Parks and Community Service, Public Works and Pikes Peak Regional Office of Emergency Management
  • Citizens Service Center Session – Public Health, DHS, Assessor, and Treasurer Offices | Interactive Office Tour | Clerk & Recorder/Elections – tour ballot counting
  • Justice for All Session – District Attorney, Restorative Justice programs, Jury Process, a Judge’s perspective | Tour of Courthouse

Registration is CLOSED