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The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office has received reports of citizens receiving a mailing titled “Be Registered Colorado”. The mailing—which asks current registered voters to reply to the mailing or register online for their vote to count in the upcoming election, could be construed as either an official mailing from El Paso County or as something related to the 2018 General Election.

Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman would like to issue the following statement in response to the questions raised by the mailer:

“I am concerned to see such a mailing go out to the citizens of El Paso County who are already registered to vote in Colorado by a third party. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how a citizen could think the mailing is related to the upcoming election or is otherwise an official mailing from the County. In an effort to clear up any confusion, I’d like to be clear: these mailings did not originate from El Paso County or the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.”

“This is yet another reminder that we are approaching an election cycle. Each election cycle, outside groups try to motivate voters through a variety of methods. Some of these groups may try to contact voters using means that look or sound official. While some of these strategies are technically legal, please contact our office if you have questions or concerns regarding your voter registration.”

Citizens may verify their voter registration by going to Voters with questions or concerns should call (719) 575-VOTE (8683). A picture of the mailing in question has been included.

No at EPC Mailer: "Be Registered Colorado"

This mailer is not from the El Paso County.