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January 9, 2024 – Nikki Simmons, El Paso County’s Chief Financial Officer, presented the 2024 Original Adopted Budget at the Board of County Commissioners meeting on January 9, 2024.

The 2024 budget, developed to reinforce El Paso County’s commitment to vital public services, emphasizes ongoing efforts to improve essential infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and stormwater systems while prioritizing public health and safety.

This year’s budgeting process experienced a unique delay due to a special legislative session altering property tax certification dates. Despite this shift, El Paso County’s dedication to financial responsibility and efficiency remains steadfast.

“This is a budget that aligns with the values and priorities of this board,” said El Paso County Commissioner Chair, Cami Bremer. “We continue to show that we do more with less, ensuring we can invest in providing quality public services to our residents regardless of what the economy is doing.”

El Paso County is recognized for its fiscal efficiency, maintaining the lowest property tax, mill levy requirements, and per capita tax cost among Colorado’s ten largest counties. The 2024 budget indicates a commitment to balance the delivery of essential public services with sound future planning.

The $491.6 million balanced budget features $215.4 million allocated for unrestricted general fund expenditures, strategically directing resources to meet various essential needs of El Paso County. Key areas of investment include Public Safety, with significant funding for the District Attorney, Sheriff, and Coroner’s Offices. Additionally, the budget makes strategic investments in Road and Stormwater infrastructure and bolsters staffing in the Veteran’s Service Office, enhancing our response to the PACT Act.

“I am very proud of the work that has been done and the way El Paso County approaches budgeting, allowing us to keep all taxes El Paso County collects low,” said El Paso County Commissioner Vice-Chair, Carrie Geitner. “We are doing a good job of limiting the growth of government and will continue to support and prioritize public safety.

2024 Budget Key Highlights – $491.6 Million Balanced Budget:

  • Road Infrastructure: A one-time funding increase of $12 million, boosting the total investment to $40 million, targets high-priority road projects.
  • Public Safety: $97 million, representing 45% of the unrestricted general fund, is allocated to ensure the community’s safety and security.
  • Veteran Services: An allocation of $281,000 for three Veteran Service Officers enhances support for over 100,000 veterans in El Paso County, particularly in response to the new PACT act.

The budget also includes a $31.7 million TABOR refund for residents, translating to a $134 credit on property tax bills for approximately 236,000 residential properties. A reduced mill levy of 7.192 mills signifies a substantial property tax reduction, underscoring our commitment to fiscal responsibility.

The 2024 budget is available on the El Paso County website: 2024 El Paso County Budget.