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May 19, 2022 – El Paso County Commissioners have joined a statewide coalition of over 170 county elected officials to call on Governor Polis to veto the collective bargaining bill.

The letter, and the signers are below.

An Open Letter from Elected County Officials throughout Colorado

Concerning the expansion of county employees’ rights to collective bargaining, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

May 22, 2022

Dear Governor Polis,

As locally elected officials, representing millions of taxpayers, we ask you to veto the recently passed bill, SB 22-230 concerning the ability of county employees to form collective bargaining units.

Governor Polis, SB22-230 does not purport to solve any problem. In fact, it creates huge problems for counties who will have no choice but to cut services and jobs to pay for the cost of mandated collective bargaining.

At a time of record inflation and economic forecasts predicting an economy slipping into recession, we are already faced with tough budget decisions. Now, our communities are faced with SB22-230 which makes our jobs tougher and forces us to reduce important government services like public safety, human services, and vital maintenance on roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure.

SB22-230 was largely written in secret, behind closed doors and negotiated within one political party. The bill sponsors claim there was a robust process with the drafting of this bill. We feel strongly that a couple of quick zoom meetings where our concerns were ignored fail to meet a reasonable definition of productive stakeholder engagement. It’s no surprise how this secretive process produced the largest unfunded mandate upon counties in the history of the state of Colorado or that seriously erodes local control of our already strapped budgets.

Governor Polis, we ask that you stand up with Colorado Counties and our residents in support of local control and against unfunded mandates.

Governor Polis, please Veto SB22-230!


Alamosa County

Vern Heersink, Commissioner

Lori Laske, Commissioner

Arapahoe County

Nancy Sharpe, Commissioner

Baca County

Glen R. Ausmus, Commissioner

Shiloh Freed, Commissioner

Rick Butler, Commissioner

Aaron Shiplett, Sheriff

Gayla Thompson, Assessor

Sharon Dubois, Clerk & Recorder

Jozy Stegman, Treasurer

Bent County

Jean Sykes, Commissioner

Kim MacDonnell, Commissioner

Chuck Netherton, Commissioner

Kathy Brown, Treasurer

Lynda Moss, Clerk & Recorder

Jason Nichols, Coroner

Cheyenne County

Ron Smith, Commissioner

RJ Jolly, Commissioner

Darin Dickey, Commissioner

Conejos County

Carlos Garcia, Commissioner

Mitchell Jarvies, Commissioner

Joseph Baroz, Commissioner

Tresses Martinez, Administrator

Crowley County

Terry McMillian, Commissioner

Roy Elliott, Commissioner

Blaine Arbuthnot, Commissioner

Melinda Carter, Clerk & Recorder

Holly McCuistion, Treasurer

Terry Reeves, Sheriff

Delta County

Mike Lane, Commissioner

Don Suppes, Commissioner

Wendell Koontz, Commissioner

Dolores County

Floyd Cook, Commissioner

Julie Kibel, Commissioner

Steve Garchar, Commissioner

Don Wilson, Sheriff

Janie Stiasny, Treasurer

Lana Hancock, Clerk & Recorder

Berna Ernst, Assessor

Dennis Golbricht, County Attorney

Douglas County

Abe Laydon, Commissioner

George Teal, Commissioner

Lora Thomas, Commissioner

Tony Spurlock, Sheriff

Dave Gill, Treasurer

Lisa Frizell, Assessor

Jill Romann, Coroner

Elbert County

Chris Richardson, Commissioner

Rick Pettit, Commissioner

Grant Thayer, Commissioner

Tim Norton, Sheriff

Dallas Schroeder, Clerk & Recorder

Susan Murphy, Assessor

Sherry Hewlett, Treasurer

Sandy Graeff, Coroner

El Paso County

Stan Vanderwerf, Commissioner

Cami Bremer, Commissioner

Carrie Geitner, Commissioner

Holly Williams, Commissioner

Longinos Gonzalez, Commissioner

Steve Schleiker, Assessor

Check Broerman, Clerk & Recorder

Leon Kelly, Coroner

Michael Allen, District Attorney

Bill Elder, Sheriff

Richard Mariotti, Surveyor

Mark Lowderman, Treasurer

Fremont County

Debbie Bell, Commissioner

Dwayne McFall, Commissioner

Kevin Grantham, Commissioner

Allen Cooper, Sheriff

Stacey Seifort, Assessor

Kathy Elliott, Treasurer

Justin Grantham, Clerk & Recorder

Randy Keller, Coroner

Garfield County

John Martin, Commissioner

Mike Samson, Commissioner

Tom Jankovsky, Commissioner

Grand County

Kris Manguso, Commissioner

Merrit Linke, Commissioner

Richard Cimino, Commissioner

Sara Rosene, Clerk & Recorder

Brett Schroetlin, Sheriff

Huerfano County

John Galusha, Commissioner

Gerald Cisneros, Commissioner

Arica Andreatta, Commissioner

Jackson County

Coby Corkle, Commissioner

Daniel Manville, Commissioner

Jeff Benson, Commissioner

Kit Carson County

Stan Hitchcock, Commissioner

Cory Wall, Commissioner

Dave Hornung, Commissioner

Kiowa County

Butch Robertson, Commissioner

Donald Oswald, Commissioner

Michael Lenning, Commissioner

Las Animas County

Luis Lopez, Commissioner

Tony Hass, Commissioner

Felix Lopez, Commissioner

Lincoln County

Steve Burgess, Commissioner

Doug Stone, Commissioner

Ed E. Schifferns, Commissioner

Corinne Lengel, Clerk & Recorder

Andrew Lorensen, Coroner

Logan County

Byron H Pelton, Commissioner

Joe McBride, Commissioner

Jane Bauder, Commissioner

Brett Powell, Sheriff

Pam Bacon, Clerk & Recorder

Peggy Michaels, Assessor

Mesa County

Cody Davis, Commissioner

Janet Rowland, Commissioner

Scott McInnis, Commissioner

Todd Rowell, Sheriff

Sheila Reiner, Treasurer

Ken Brownlee, Assessor

Victor Yahn, Coroner

Mineral County

Ramona Weber, Commissioner

Jesse Albright, Commissioner

Scott Lamb, Commissioner

Amy Wetherill, Treasurer

Libby Lamb, Assessor

Eryn Wintz, Clerk & Recorder

Moffat County

Melody Villard, Commissioner

Montezuma County

Kent Lindsay, Commissioner

Jim Candelaria, Commissioner

Gerald Koppenhafer, Commissioner

Montrose County

Keith Caddy, Commissioner

Sue Hansen, Commissioner

Roger Rash, Commissioner

Tressa Guynes, Clerk & Recorder

Morgan County

Mark Arndt, Commissioner

Gordon Westhoff, Commissioner

Jon Becker, Commissioner

Otero County

Jim Baldwin, Commissioner

Rob Oquist, Commissioner

John Hostetler, Commissioner

Shawn Mobley, Sheriff

Ken Hood, Assessor

Lynn Scott, Clerk & Recorder

Park County

Dick Elsner, Commissioner

Ray Douglas Commissioner

Amy Mitchell, Commissioner

Phillips County

Terry Hoffmeister, Commissioner

Tom Timm, Commissioner

Garold Roberts, Commissioner

Beth Ziller, Clerk & Recorder

Tom Elliott, Sheriff

Sharon Michael, Treasurer

Pueblo County

Garrison Ortiz, Commissioner

Prowers County

Wendy Buxton-Andrade, Commissioner

Tom Grasmick, Commissioner

Ron Cook, Commissioner

Jana Coen, Clerk

Judy Whitman, Treasurer

Andy Wyatt, Assessor

Marge Campbell, Coroner

Sam Zordel, Sheriff

Rose Pugliese, County Attorney

Joshua Vogel, District Attorney 15th JD

Rio Grande County

Gene Glover, Commissioner

Scott Deacon, Commissioner

John Noffsker, Commissioner

Sedgewick County

Mark Turner, Commissioner

Donny Schneider, Commissioner

Howard McCormick, Commissioner

Teller County

Dan Williams, Commissioner

Erik Stone, Commissioner

Robert Campbell, Commissioner

Jason Mikesell, Sheriff

Mark Czelusta, Treasurer & Public Trustee

Krystal Brown, Clerk & Recorder

David “Colt” Simmons, Assessor

Steve Trasky, Coroner

Eric Simonsen, Surveyor

Washington County

Kent Vance, Commissioner

Lea Ann Laybourn, Commissioner

Tony Wells, Commissioner

John Stivers, Sheriff

Annie Kuntz, Clerk & Recorder

Debra A Cooper, Treasurer

Larry Griese, Assessor

Weld County

Scott, James, Commissioner

Mike Freeman, Commissioner

Steven Moreno, Commissioner

Perry Buck, Commissioner

Lori Saine, Commissioner

Steve Reams, Sheriff

Carly Koppes, Clerk & Recorder

Brenda Dones, Assessor

Yuma County

Scott Weaver, Commissioner

Trent Busher, Commissioner

Robin Wiley, Commissioner