The El Paso County Public Trustee is appointed to a four-year term by the Governor of Colorado. In 2019 El Paso County Treasurer Mark Lowderman was appointed as the County’s Public Trustee by Colorado Governor Jared Polis. Treasurer Lowderman’s appointment represents an acceleration of an already planned merger of the El Paso County Public Trustee’s Office and the County Treasurer’s Office. In most of the state, County Treasurer’s already serve as the Public Trustee. However, in the state’s 10 largest counties, the Governor had the authority to appoint a Public Trustee to a four-year term. That changed this year when the legislature passed—and the Governor signed—House Bill 19-1295, which consolidated all Public Trustee operations into each county’s respective Treasurer’s Office.

The El Paso County Public Trustee’s office serves the citizens of El Paso County as defined in the Colorado Revised Statutes. The Public Trustee manages the release of deeds of trust and foreclosure of deeds of trust on properties within El Paso County. We administer these processes in a professional manner adhering to the guidelines and timelines set by the Colorado Revised Statutes.

The Office of the Public Trustee is committed to:

  • Processing all releases of deeds of trust in an accurate, timely fashion in accordance with Colorado law.
  • Protecting the rights of borrowers, lenders, and lienholders.
  • Providing service and education regarding foreclosure proceedings

Public Trustee
Mark Lowderman

El Paso County Public Trustee
Citizens Service Center
Suite 2100
1675 West Garden of the Gods Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
fax: 719-520-6781

Business Hours: (excluding holidays)
Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.