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El Paso County, Colorado, February 7, 2024 – El Paso County Treasurer & Public Trustee Chuck Broerman is pleased to announce that electronic delivery of property tax statements will be available to property owners starting February 9, 2024.

Property owners can easily access their property tax amounts by visiting and clicking on the Real Estate Property Tax Search and Online Payments under Online Services. Additionally, property owners who have their taxes escrowed through a mortgage servicer will have their balances provided directly to the servicer by February 9th.

El Paso County offers two convenient payment options for property tax:

  • Option 1: Remit the balance owed in one payment, which is due by April 30th.
  • Option 2: The balance owed can be split into two installments. The first half balance is due by February 29th, and the second half is due by June 17th.

Property owners who have not opted for electronic delivery will receive their tax statements via postal mail by mid-February. This is due to legislative changes causing a delay in the certification of the County Tax rolls.

The Treasurer’s Office is committed to providing efficient services and encourages taxpayers to take advantage of the electronic delivery system for faster access to tax statements.

For more information, please contact the El Paso County Treasurer’s Office 719-520-7900 or visit: