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El Paso County participated in the statewide Risk Limiting Audit last Friday, July 6, and was able to complete it in the first round with 100% accuracy. This sophisticated post-election audit allows officials to compare a sample of paper ballots against digital tallies to verify results were tabulated correctly. Due to the high level of statistical probability, this audit confirms the initial outcome of election night and reassures a statistically high level of confidence in testing for election results.

Required by Section 1-7-515(2)(a) of the Colorado Revised Statutes, the RLA is coordinated by the Secretary of State’s Office, and provides strong statistical evidence that the election outcome is consistent with what was counted.

Election rules for the RLA state that the Secretary of State’s Office must select a countywide and statewide race for the audit. The El Paso County Elections Department and the appointed Audit Board members focused on the El Paso County Republican Sheriff Race, Democratic State Attorney General Race, Commissioner District Five Race and House District 14 Race. The Audit Board is required to locate specific ballots; review and confirm that the results of those ballots were consistent with what was counted.

“Our unofficial elections motto is ‘El Paso County V.O.T.E.S.’ – standing for verified, open, tested, ethical, and secure. By passing the RLA in the first round, we are proud to say that motto continues to reflect our office’s work to make sure that every vote – and every voice – counts,” said Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman.

El Paso County’s success in passing the audit in the first round is attributable to the robust processes developed by the Elections Department, and the effective use and management of the new elections equipment. The election has now been certified, and the results are official. Official final results can be found here: