Road work images

El Paso County Highway crews wrapped up paving on the Ellicott Highway bridge north of Speer Road in the eastern El Paso County and the road was reopened to travelers right on schedule.

El Paso County Public Works replaced the bridge deck beginning in early May. The bridge project lasted 12 weeks as expected.

“The completion of this project will help our residents and other motorists in the eastern plains to have an easier time free from worry when traveling north and south,” said El Paso County Engineer Jennifer Irvine. “Our road and bridge program aims to make the best use of taxpayer money and work to keep our roadways safe and drivable.”

El Paso County transportation infrastructure needs are managed through the combined efforts of the Engineering and the Highway Divisions. These two groups are responsible for a network consisting of more than 2,100 miles of paved and gravel roads, drainage systems, 260-plus bridges, and related right-of-way assets. Engineering is responsible for Road & Bridge standards and compliance; capital investment, maintenance and rehabilitation program planning.

The replacement of the more than 7,000 square-foot deck on the steel Ellicott Highway bridge cost $300,000. Most of that money came from the County’s road and bridge budget. The Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) provided about $42,000 to fund the paving of the deck, which also included fresh pavement on the approaches to the bridge.

County crews also performed painting and other preventative maintenance on the bridge to ensure that the support structure will meets highway construction standards.