Two properties near downtown Colorado Springs that have served for decades as home to several Department of Human Services Programs are in the process of being sold. Services and programs at the Family Visitation Center at 701 E Boulder St. and the neighboring Center on Fathering at 325 North El Paso St. will continue uninterrupted at other locations.

El Paso County has a long history of working to deliver services effectively and efficiently. The sale of the buildings is in keeping with the goal of being wise stewards of taxpayer funds, and the County master plan. Moving programs and services will improve access and create safer environments for visitors and staff.

“I appreciate the outstanding DHS team at the Family Visitation Center and Center on Fathering,” said Department of Human Services Executive Director Julie Krow. “They will continue to provide these needed community services. This change will allow us to enhance safety protocols for the children, youth, families, and adults we serve as we adapt to the many changes needed due to the pandemic.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person services were altered starting in March to follow new guidelines and mandates to improve safety for all parties involved. The expectation and ongoing mandates for health measures will guide construction at the Citizens Service Center (CSC) building of improved spaces for visitation and Center on Fathering services.

Although most details have not yet been determined, the spaces at CSC will allow for more thorough cleaning of shared surfaces, as well as distancing for staff and for visitors. Access will also be improved.

Except for location, services by the Family Visitation Center and the Center on Fathering will not change during the property sale and CSC construction process.

Normal in-person visits will be held at 17 N. Spruce St.

Staff with the Center on Fathering will continue to work with fathers and caregivers using video options and phone calls. Eventually as public health measures are adjusted, in-person services will be available while operating within guidelines for safety.

The process of selling county property is not undertaken independently by the Department of Human Services. It will go through the usual process that also involves the Board of County Commissioners. Any offer for either of the properties will go before the board for approval.