A key partnership between the El Paso County Department of Human Services and a faith-based nonprofit has reached a milestone of more than 8,000 children served.

CarePortal is an online platform that connects churches and other volunteers to those in need. DHS caseworkers have worked closely with CarePortal for almost four years to help provide items to children in out-of-home care. For example, when a relative is asked to take in siblings they may not have appropriate furniture. CarePortal connects the caseworker with volunteers who provide bunkbeds, bedding and other needed items.

At the end of June, the needs of 8,009 children were filled. Items included utility payments, household essentials, beds and bedding, and car seats.

“When a family fosters a child, they may need simple items that DHS is not able to provide,” said Julie Krow, Department of Human Services executive director. “CarePortal has been a valuable partner and a great support for families.”

Although CarePortal works closely with the Department of Human Services in El Paso County and other counties around the state, they also assist social service agencies. Public and private entities engaged with those in crisis may also sign up to request support. To help, visit Careportal.org or contact Mike Worley at Mike@beautifulredemption.com.

“CarePortal is a simple way for those in the community to make a tremendous impact on the lives of those in need,” said Mike Worley, CarePortal regional director.