Public Works Pot Hole Repair TruckThe Board of El Paso County Commissioners celebrated the hard work of the County Department of Public Works on Tuesday, May 28, with a Proclamation recognizing National Public Works Week 2019. The recognition comes just days before the Department of Public Works’ Open House, scheduled for June 1.

Public Works Executive Director Scot Cuthbertson accepted the Proclamation, stating. “We are excited to have our team recognized for all the hard work it does. We’re thrilled to invite the people that we serve to our Open House so they can have some fun while learning more about what we do.”

The theme for National Public Works Week 2019 is “It Starts Here.” El Paso County will celebrate by welcoming the public to the Open House.

  • What: El Paso County Department of Public Works Open House
  • When: 9 a.m. to noon, Saturday, June 1, 2019
  • Where: Charles “Chuck” Brown Transportation Complex at 3275 Akers Dr. in eastern Colorado Springs
  • The Event: A bounce house, a maze, face painting, a traffic light “bean bag toss” and refreshments. Visitors will get an up close look at heavy equipment displays and learn about safety around heavy equipment and how to submit a customer service request to Public Works.

Tuesday’s Proclamation was read by Commissioner Longinos Gonzalez, Jr. The proclamation acknowledges the contributions of the County’s Public Works professionals, who are frequently among the first responders during emergencies, are crucial to the “health, safety and comfort” of the community and act as caretakers of the infrastructure that is important to an ever-growing region.

Commissioner Cami Bremer addressed more than 50 members of the Public Works team that were present for the Proclamation reading, saying, “Thank you for all that you do. Each and everyone one of you are the front lines. You are the public face of what the community sees getting done in the ditches next to them and on the roads they drive on. I am greatly appreciative in the way you conduct yourselves. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things.”

Public Works Crew with BoCC