El Paso County Recognition | Celebrating Our Community

Whether you are one of our community partners or an internal department, this page offers you a fantastic opportunity to receive recognition from the Board of County Commissioners.

There are three main ways that you can request recognition:

  1. A certificate of appreciation, similar to the ones used by the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate, is bestowed to organizations or people who make extraordinary contributions to our community.
  2. A letter of recognition is signed your County Commissioner.
  3. A proclamation is used to formally celebrate retiring employees, national holidays, supported policies, or efforts such as “National Adoption Month”.

Below, you can see examples of each option to help you draft your submission. Then, click the link to submit the recognition request you think best suits your situation.

All submissions are subject to approval and calendar availability. All requests must be made with appropriate lead time prior to when you want to receive your recognition.

Please call Rebecca Rudder at 719-520-6423 if you have any questions navigating the forms below.

Examples of Certificates of Appreciation

Examples of Letters of Recognition

Examples of Recognized Proclamations

Certificate of Appreciation Request Submission Form

Submit with at least three (3) weeks lead time


Letter of Recognition Request Submission Form

Submit with at least three (3) weeks lead time


Proclamation Request Submission Form

Submit with at least eight (8) weeks lead time