The Board of County Commissioners recognizes November as Adoption Month in El Paso County and proclaims its sincere gratitude to our community’s adoptive families who have opened their hearts and homes to provide love and stability for the youngest members of our society, helping them grow into successful adults and building the future of El Paso County.

National Adoption Month proclamation 2019 group photo

El Paso County Commissioners unanimously approved a Proclamation recognizing November as National Adoption Month at their regular meeting Tuesday, Nov. 19, honoring adoptive families, staff and organizations supporting adoption and foster homes.

“The El Paso County Department of Human Services, with its many private, community based and non-profit partners, plays a vital role in maintaining and increasing citizen involvement in adoption so that waiting children can find stable and permanent homes,” said Commissioner Cami Bremer as she read the Proclamation into the record. “It is with great thanks that we recognize all El Paso County adoptive parents and the many dedicated adoption professionals who work to connect foster children with loving families.”

President Gerald Ford recognized National Adoption Week when he was in office. It later expanded to a month of recognition. It became a collective national effort to raise awareness in the 1990s.

“These families have opened their homes and their hearts to El Paso County children who need a place to call home,” said EL Paso County Department of Human Service Executive Director Julie Krow.

“It’s a lifetime commitment,” said Commissioner Chair Mark Waller in thanking the incredible effort by families.

Through the efforts of the El Paso County Department of Human Services (DHS) and community partners, 551 adoptions have been completed for children in foster care or kinship care over the last five years. Of those, 275 were kin or kin-like adoptions.

“It is so important to give these children a home and a place they know they will always have,” said Commissioner Holly Williams.

There is currently an active search for adoptive families for 19 El Paso County children. El Paso County staff expect to have finalized around 150 adoptions by the end of the year.

“Every child needs a family. Your willingness to love these kids is the greatest gift you can give to them,” said Commissioner Stan VanderWerf.

Kayla Nuss was adopted six years ago. “I’ve been in over 10 foster homes. I started to believe that because I was older, no one wanted me. Adoption is more than a word. It started when I walked through the door. Without adoption, I would never have had the opportunities I’ve had. This is forever.”