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Participating in Redistricting Committee Meetings

All working meetings of the Redistricting Committee are open meetings which the public may attend in person or virtually. The dates for these meetings can be found on the main redistricting page.

Public Comment

El Paso County residents may submit comments about the redistricting process at Redistricting Committee Meetings, by phone during the meetings, or via the digital comment form below at any time. All comments submitted are public and will be posted on this page for residents to view.

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  • Katherine Czukas | May 09

    Redistricting Commissioners and Supporting Staff :

    Per my verbal comments yesterday at the 5/8 meeting, please ensure that electronic documents associated with the 5/8/23 Redistricting Commission’s Agenda items 4,5,6,7 (presented by staff) are available to the public in a timely manner.

    If staff and the Commissioners are going to choose use AgendaSuite (such as what was used for Agenda items 2 and 3) and available for download at the agenda for the meeting ( then I request that you take advantage of AgendaSuite’s Department feature to create a department called something like “2023 Redistricting” so that the public can easily search for documents a few days/weeks later using the filtering criteria available at the URL on that site Instructions for how to find these documents post-meeting should be posted on the Redistricting Website if possible.

    If staff and Commissioners are going to use for posting documents for each redistricting commission meeting, please create a way for the public to easily associate each electronic document with each speaker.

    I’d also like to request that the Minutes of the 5/8 meeting (per the adoption of item #2 on the agenda) be available via either of these methods mentioned above or by some other method that the Commission sees fit and that is communicated on the redistricting website.

    Thank you for taking the time to ensure that the public can process the depth of information presented during the meeting.

  • Kevin Curry | May 14

    I do not have a proposed map at this time. My comment is that I believe the District 2 meeting should either be moved to Falcon, or that a second meeting be held near there. Rationale: The location near Cimmaron Hills will be convenient for the urban residents of the District, but extremely inconvenient for rural residents in Falcon, Peyton, and other areas. As a result, the inputs at the meeting will likely be skewed toward urban perspectives when the vast majority of the District land area is rural. Moving the meeting (or having a second one) to the Falcon area would be more District-central and would likely increase the odds of getting a better balance of urban and rural perspectives.

  • Zuri Horowitz | May 14

    Can you share the shapefile which contains the 2022 Precinct Definitions and the 2020 Population of each precinct (e.g. people aged 0-100)?

    Thank you for your help.