We have collaboratively updated the El Paso County Strategic Plan, creating a flexible framework that adapts to community drivers. This strategic plan serves as our primary guide for consistent decision-making.

Accountability is fundamental to our strategic plan. It features a dashboard of performance indicators and measures to ensure we remain on track and accountable. Our success is gauged by our progress, and we are committed to working together toward this goal.


Assess the condition of roadway, stormwater, facility, fleet, and park assets and implement strategies to sustainably fund, manage, and improve public-owned infrastructure.

  1. We have an inventory, completed in May 2024, and a condition assessment of the five major asset classes: Parks, Facilities, Fleet, Stormwater, and Roads. This was an impactful initiative, as most of this work was completed from scratch in 2023.
  2. We have been diligent in the pursuit of informed understanding, bridging departmental communication gaps, and working to provide public-facing status reports.
    • MATRIX assessment: May 2024 (Completed a comprehensive inventory and condition assessment of public-owned infrastructure.)
    • Initiated the implementation of a Comprehensive Asset Management Program.
    • Began work on developing infrastructure asset management plans, tailored to each class.

Service Quality

Improve the quality of county services with a qualified and engaged workforce dedicated to continuous improvement.

  1. We successfully created and implemented a solution box on our employee portal.

Community Trust

Increase community trust through improved communications and transparency.

  1. The establishment of the El Paso County Information Collaborative (EPIC) Group. This group brings together all of the County’s Public Information Officers (administrative and elected offices) to discuss communication strategies and proactively work together for the County. The completion of an external communications strategies document created by the EPIC team.
  2. Creation of a best practices data collection matrix.
  3. Creation of a cross-sector/department County Fair Satisfaction Survey that was implemented and then evaluated for best practices/lessons learned which is now informing the development of a resident satisfaction /feedback loop survey for residents receiving services from our highly trafficked offices (DHS, Public Health, Clerk & Recorder)
  4. To enhance transparency regarding the new strategic plan framework, we established dedicated web pages for external stakeholders and another for our internal employee portal.

Health and Safety

Foster partnerships to support community efforts to improve health and safety.

  1. Focused efforts on better collecting and understanding county-wide efforts within health and safety initiatives across the County.