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The National Weather Service today is forecasting more severe thunderstorms, hail, and flash flooding likely for parts of El Paso County.

El Paso County joins other area governments, public safety agencies and public service partners in working together to mitigate flood risks and respond to any flood incidents when they occur. However, it really is up to each individual to stay alert and have a plan to assure their safety.

Monitor local news and weather sources to stay alert as weather changes. Do not enter flood waters under any circumstance. The National Centers for Disease Control warns that driving your car into flooded areas is especially dangerous because as little as six inches of water can cause loss of control and two feet of moving water is enough to float most cars. Also keep in mind that during flooding, first responders may not be able to enter the swift moving water and debris for rescue operations.

Make sure you have signed up to receive “emergency notifications” from local public safety agencies. Residents can sign up for emergency alerts from El Paso-Teller County 911 Authority online. NOAA Weather radio and other resources offer options for visual and hearing impaired persons.

More information about Emergency Preparedness before, as well as what to do during and after flooding can be found online from these local resources: