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El Paso County, Colorado, December 13, 2023 – Today, the Board of County Commissioners unanimous approved an Intergovernmental Agreement, IGA, with the City of Colorado Springs for traffic signal maintenance.

The El Paso County Department of Public Works identified an opportunity to contract with the City of Colorado Springs to provide traffic signal operation and maintenance services under the provisions of the Intergovernmental Agreement. This agreement will benefit all citizens of the County by providing a cost-efficient and effective structure for managing the County’s signalized intersections.

“We are a unique County with a huge land mass. Slowly urbanizing areas that were previously rural need to have the ability to get around safely and efficiently. El Paso County is always looking for ways to do things better and more collaboratively that will impact the community. Residents will know that their tax dollars are being used to provide a level of services that areas require. I’m excited to move this forward!” said El Paso County Chair Commissioner Cami Bremer.

By regionalizing traffic signal maintenance, we increase efficiency, consistency, and safety oversight for our “connected” corridors, saving over $200,000 annually. This streamlined approach will positively impact the community by ensuring predictable management of signal timings and coordinated maintenance efforts.