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November 8, 2023 –The El Paso County Highway 105A Construction project team will implement a temporary one-lane roundabout for construction traffic control at Woodmoor Drive and Lake Woodmoor Drive this Friday.

At various times of the day, traffic volumes make it difficult for drivers to exit Lake Woodmoor Drive and head south on Woodmoor Drive. The marked detour for traffic north of Highway 105 during the construction project has added traffic to this intersection. To assist with traffic flow, a temporary, one-lane roundabout goes into operation at this intersection Friday. It will be marked with a combination of road striping and orange construction drums. The dual left turn from eastbound Hwy 105 to northbound Woodmoor Dr. will remain in place, but the easterly northbound lane on Woodmoor Dr. will be for right turns only onto Lake Woodmoor Dr.

Roundabouts handle large volumes of traffic and also improve safety. Since they prevent left turns across oncoming traffic, crashes are reduced. They keep traffic moving; therefore, reducing backups which can lead to long queue lengths at the intersection.

Roundabout Driving Tips: Slow Down, Look Around, Be Ready to Yield

  • Before entering the roundabout, check for pedestrians; stay aware and yield to pedestrians before proceeding into the roundabout.
  • Look left for traffic already in the roundabout and be ready to yield. Do not stop completely unless existing traffic prevents you from merging.
  • When a safe gap is available, merge into roundabout traffic yielding to all approaching traffic on the left already navigating the roundabout.
  • Go slow and stay in your lane.
  • Maintain a consistent speed in the roundabout.
  • In the roundabout, pay attention to signage and merging vehicles. You are allowed the right-of-way but pay attention to inexperienced roundabout travelers.
  • Also, give busses and trucks space.
  • Use your signal when changing lanes and exiting the roundabout.
Roundabout Map

Location of temporary roundabout,

Lake Woodmoor Drive and Woodmoor Drive intersection.

For more information about this project, visit the Highway 105A Construction Project website: http://epc-hwy105aconstruction.com/ or call the recorded Message Phone: 719-423-8100. Sign up for project updates by sending an email to: Hwy105Aconstruction@gmail.com