Gleneagle Struthers project map

El Paso County Department of Public Works will begin intersection improvements at the Struthers Road-Gleneagle Drive intersection. Work will consist of constructing a roundabout and associated approaches, as well as an underground drainage system and pedestrian improvements at the intersection and along the northeast side of Struthers Road. The intersection will remain open to traffic although alternate routes are recommended. The project will be constructed in 3 phases with Phase I affecting the northeast side of Struthers. Future updates, will be provided as the project transitions through each phase.

Drivers are reminded to reduce speeds and to watch for workers, equipment, signs and barricades. El Paso County wishes to thank drivers in advance for their cooperation. Cautious and attentive driving while transiting the project area will ensure safety and the efficient completion of this project. Funding for this project is provided by El Paso County.