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With warmer weather upon us, the El Paso County Department of Public Works has begun its chip sealing and road striping operations on pre-determined roadways.

The County asks drivers to be aware of some general information and a few dos and don’ts when encountering these work crews:


Chip sealing is a road preservation process to extend the lifespan of paved roads by sealing the road with emulsion and adding a top layer of small aggregate to prevent moisture infiltration. Chip sealing is a mobile process that progresses systematically through an area. Some key points to be aware of are;

  • Prior to work starting on any road, signs will be placed in advance to notify residents to not park on the signed road.
  • During the chip sealing process, there will be delays. Work crews strive to minimize these inconveniences whenever possible.
  • Please be aware of the work zone and the equipment, and follow instructions of our flaggers. These operations have many moving parts.
  • The material used in sealing the roads is made up of crushed stone one half inch or smaller. Excess material will be swept off the surface a day after application, but there may be some loose material remaining for some time. To avoid damage to vehicles, drive slowly while the work is being done and adhere to posted speed limits afterward.
  • Chip sealing is not a new asphalt surface and does not alter the drivability of the road. Every effort is made to repair cracks and potholes prior to chip sealing.


Striping is done to refresh painted markings on County roads. El Paso County has more than 1,100 miles of paved roads. The Highway Division has an annual goal of restriping approximately half of those roads each year. Striping is also a mobile process that progresses systematically through an area. Some key points to be aware of are;

  • Areas to be striped will have signage posted in advance of the work.
  • A follow truck is used to help keep traffic off fresh paint until it is dry.
  • To avoid driving through fresh paint, do not follow striping vehicles too closely.
  • Do not drive through the cones to prevent paint on your vehicle or tracking paint into driving lanes.
  • The striping paint dries very quickly. However, paint that gets on a vehicle will wash off.

Spring through fall is the busiest time in El Paso County for all road maintenance activities. The County encourages all drivers to be aware of their surroundings and be courteous to working road crews. Please slow down when workers are present to help maintain the safety of our crews and others. Thank you in advance for helping keep our roadways safe for all.

Follow this link for more information on El Paso County road and bridge maintenance.

To report an issue on an El Paso County, drivers and others can submit a service request through the County’s Citizen Connect mobile app or website. Go to the Apple App Store or the GooglePlay Store and download the “EPC Citizen Connect” app or visit to make a submission.