graphic image of a Vote sticker in the background with a white line box around and a white rectangle overlay with clerk and recorder logo and text NEWS RELEASE

June 5, 2024 – The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office is excited to launch a new website portal called EPC VIP (El Paso County Voter Information Portal). EPC VIP provides accessible election information, such as historical election data from past elections, as well as daily updated voter turnout data for the current election. Once an election has been certified, election results by precinct will be available. EPC VIP additional features include datasets, visual diagrams and mapping layers for El Paso County voter registration, voter turnout, census, precinct, district map layers, vote center and ballot box locations with security camera live video feed, all on an interactive, user friendly geographic information system (GIS).

“Transparency in elections fosters trust, prevents abuse and misinformation, and ensures that the democratic process reflects the true will of the people. Our new El Paso County Voter Information Portal (VIP) site emphasizes that every step of our election processes is transparent.,” said Clerk and Recorder Steve Schleiker. “Stakeholders (including political parties, election observers, and our voters) can now independently verify that our elections in El Paso County are conducted fairly, instills trust, and allows stakeholders to verify the accuracy of our election results. I’m confident this new site will become a cornerstone of our democratic processes in El Paso County.”

EPC VIP is powered by Spatialest, a respected “smart data” solutions provider assisting to create process efficiencies, combing deep industry and technical experience to enhance information accessibility presented intuitively in a simple “visualized” format, meeting the goal of this project to provide enriched data for the public and those interested in El Paso County elections.

A demonstration of EPC VIP was provided at the County Commissioners regular meeting on Tuesday, June 4. A recording of the demonstration can be found and viewed here:

El Paso County Clerk and Record is the first in the nation to work with Spatialest and implement an election focused GIS platform.