Image of Clerk & Recorder Chuck Broerman with Blue Banner and Pikes Peak in Background, with EPC Seal and text "NEWS RELEASE"

August 17, 2022 –

We are proud to announce our El Paso County Clerk and Recorder, Chuck Broerman, has the distinction of being the first recipient of the Guardian of Democracy Award. It was presented last week at the 2022 Colorado County Clerks Association (CCCA) Summer Conference by Matt Crane, Executive Director of the association.

“Clerks across the state know what Chuck has been through over the last two years. We have seen other clerks bend to political pressure and fail to do the right thing. No clerk in Colorado has faced more pressure than Chuck and yet he has never wavered in doing the right thing or in telling the truth,” said Matt Crane, CCCA Executive Director. “Chuck has also never failed to stand up for his fellow clerks across the state when they have faced threats and intimidation. We are honored to recognize Chuck for his integrity, courage, and leadership in following the law and telling the truth about Colorado elections.”

This new award from the CCCA recognizes Chuck Broerman’s leadership that has navigated his office through challenging times with integrity, professional fortitude, and inspiration. He continues to instill confidence in our election process and the democratic republic established by our forefathers.

“I am honored and humbled by this award from the CCCA,” said Clerk Broerman. “Clerks around the state have been under enormous scrutiny and pressure along with election staff members and volunteers. We all must work to protect the democratic principles for which this country stands. The cornerstone of which is making the voice of the people heard in fair and accurate elections.”

The Clerk’s Office would like to congratulate Clerk Broerman for being the first recipient of the Guardian of Democracy Award and express our pride in his accomplishments.