Bike station with a moutain bike secured and SCHEELS Colorado Springs logo in upper left corner.

May 3, 2023 – El Paso County Parks is proud to partner with the Colorado Springs SCHEELS store to install four bike stations at three El Paso County Parks locations. In early 2023, the Colorado Springs SCHEELS store provided bike stations installed at the Pineries Open Space, Palmer Lake Recreation Area, and the Baptist Road Trailhead.

Bike stations allow park users to perform minor repairs and maintenance before heading out on the trail. These stations help visitors have a successful and enjoyable experience on El Paso County trails, even if they experience unanticipated problems.

“The support from SCHEELS is a wonderful demonstration of how a thriving business can support a thriving park system,” said Todd Marts, El Paso County Parks & Community Services Executive Director. “This partnership allows us to offer greater outdoor recreation services to mountain bikers on El Paso County Trails.”

The Colorado Springs SCHEELS team has partnered with El Paso County Parks as a Partner in the Park for the Pineries Open Space since 2020. With the generous and faithful support of these partners, El Paso County Parks has been able to provide numerous upgrades and ensure sustainability to the Park System for current and future generations.

“El Paso County parks, trails, and open spaces provide an escape from the fast-paced day-to-day duties of maintaining one’s home, family, work, and personal life,” said El Paso County Board Member Holly Williams. “We are honored to partner with those in our community doing the right thing to keep our natural spaces the best they can be.”

The El Paso County Parks system includes:

  • Over 8,000 acres of parks and open space
  • 130 miles of trails
  • Two award-winning nature centers
  • Over 1,000 environmental education programs

If you or your company would be interested in supporting the ongoing operations and maintenance of a favorite park, trail, open space, or nature center, or want to learn more about the Partners in the Park program, please get in touch with Dana Nordstrom at (719) 499-1335 or