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January 31, 2024 – El Paso County Board of Commissioners Chair Cami Bremer and Vice Chair Carrie Geitner led a press conference on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, stating the county’s position on the local migrant situation.

The official brief occurred at Centennial Hall and featured statements from El Paso County Commissioner representatives, Chair Cami Bremer and Vice Chair Carrie Geitner.

Commissioner Bremer emphasized the county’s position, stating, “El Paso County has not, and will not, be designated as a sanctuary county. All five county commissioners are united in this position. While we acknowledge the hardships faced by migrants seeking better lives, it is essential for us to emphasize our unwavering support for legal immigration through established channels.”

Regarding the county’s commitment to residents, Commissioner Geitner stated, “Some jurisdictions like Denver and Chicago have invited migrants to their cities and counties. Our refusal to allocate public funds for migrant support is an act of responsibility to the people who call El Paso County home. Our resources are not infinite. Offering sanctuary or support beyond our capabilities is a dangerous game, one that risks the safety of both migrants and our citizens.”

El Paso County Position Points:

  • El Paso County will not be designated as a sanctuary county.
  • El Paso County continues to encourage legal immigration through established channels.
  • El Paso County urges the federal government to secure the border and work toward reform.
  • El Paso County will continue to make decisions guided by fiscal responsibility, adherence to legal frameworks, and an unwavering commitment to residents.

The event was live-streamed on El Paso County social platforms and the El Paso County Channel. To view the event recording, click this link