Photo of El Paso County staff and commissioners at the County Government Month proclamation reading.

April 4, 2024 – El Paso County is celebrating National County Government Month (NCGM) throughout April to showcase the essential services that significantly impact residents’ daily lives.

From maintaining roads to issuing driver’s licenses, ensuring public safety, and administering elections, the county’s role is often behind the scenes but always critical. These services reflect the county’s commitment to providing quality, cost-effective, and transparent public services.

At this week’s Board of El Paso County Commissioners meeting, a formal proclamation marked the commencement of National County Government Month. The proclamation celebrated recent and ongoing improvement projects, including an upgrade to the County website for enhanced user experience and accessibility, road and bridge maintenance, emergency management, and disaster preparedness efforts and initiatives to assure the integrity of elections and safeguard public records.

The meeting served as a platform for community members to express how county programs and services have positively impacted them and for county employees to share their stories and commitment to public service.

“There are many moments that I’ve been so very proud of the people that call themselves El Paso County employees, partners, and collaborators. Today is one of those moments where I couldn’t be prouder of those of you who have shared your stories.” said Board Chair Cami Bremer. “You’re putting your gifts to work for the citizens of this community, and I greatly appreciate that.”

El Paso County will be celebrating National County Government Month throughout the month of April. Residents are encouraged to:

  • Follow the county’s social media platforms for updates and insights into county activities.
  • Sign up for the The Courier, the official county newsletter. The April edition will include a special article and an activity page in honor of National County Government Month.
  • Listen to “Beyond the Dais,” the county’s podcast. The latest episode features El Paso County Commissioner Cami Bremer and Deputy County Administrator Sunny Bryant discussing the significance of National County Government Month and importance of local government.
  • Read County Commissioner Cami Bremer’s op-ed in the Gazette on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) about National County Government Month.