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May 7, 2024 – As Elected County Officials in El Paso County, we stand united in our support of Sheriff Joe Roybal and the El Paso County Commissioners. We have resolved to join a Douglas County lawsuit challenging two Colorado laws. These laws, according to opponents, undermine local efforts to maintain community safety, particularly concerning violent crimes committed by undocumented immigrants.

The first of these laws is Colorado House Bill 19-1124, which was passed in 2019. It has significant implications for our county’s safety and welfare. Here are two key provisions:

  1. Prohibition on Arrest or Detention Based Solely on Civil Immigration Order: This law prohibits local authorities, including our County Sheriff, from arresting or detaining a person solely based on a civil immigration order. In other words, immigration status alone cannot be the sole reason for detention or arrest.
  2. Restriction on Providing Identifying Information to Federal Authorities: The same law also restricts law enforcement officers from providing identifying information about undocumented immigrants to federal authorities. This limitation affects cooperation between local law enforcement and federal agencies in immigration matters.

Illegal immigration burdens our county’s social services, and the competition for county resources jeopardizes the delivery of other essential services. As elected officials, we firmly uphold the principles of legal immigration. We encourage both state officials and local law enforcement agencies to abide by and enforce Federal and State immigration laws.

Our commitment is to strike a balance that ensures safety while respecting the rights and dignity of all individuals within our community.

Signed: Chuck Broerman, El Paso County Treasurer

Signed: Mark Flutcher, El Paso County Assessor

Signed: Richard Mariotti, El Paso County Surveyor