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June 9, 2023 – The El Paso County Commissioner Redistricting Commission has launched a new tool that will help members of the public develop and submit their own county commissioner redistricting suggestions.

The tool, hosted on the well-respected GIS mapping platform called Esri, will allow residents to create county commissioner boundary maps that meet the legal criteria of equal population. The tool also incorporates important demographic information from the entire county.

The tool is available by visiting the Redistricting Commission’s website.

“We’re pleased to launch this tool to help our residents participate in the redistricting process,” said Redistricting Commission member Cami Bremer. “This software will allow any county resident to create and submit their own maps that maintain population equality and preserve communities of interest how they see fit. That feedback will help the Redistricting Commission complete our work in a way that best represents our county.”

After creating an account, residents can create their own map using reference layers such as existing county commissioner, school, state House and Senate, or congressional district boundaries. The software will track the population of each district a person creates and will also allow them to overlay information such as ethnicity and voting age population should the user choose.

Once residents have completed their submission, they are encouraged to export it into a PNG format that can then be submitted, along with any additional comments, using the Submit Public Comment option on the Redistricting website. Residents may also submit map files in JPG or PDF formats.

If residents have any questions regarding the operation of the Esri tool, please email epc_commissioner_redistricting@elpasoco.com.