The El Paso County Department of Human Services is joining forces with Colorado DHS in announcing the launch of the MyCoBenefits mobile device app that will make managing personal benefits and getting information much easier.

This new mobile app follows last year’s release of the Peak Health app launched by Health Care Policy and Finance to allow consumers access to their medical card and other health related services.

The MyCoBenefits app, which is available through the Apple and Android app stores, is designed to improve DHS customer experience by making it easier to report changes, upload important documents using the mobile device camera, check EBT balances and review transactions and expenses. App users will also be able to brows FAQs, get nutrition facts, find a provider, or use a map feature to locate SNAP resources nearby.

Other tasks that can be done on the MyCoBenfits app include:

  • Updating contact information
  • Editing job and income status
  • Adding or removing a person from the household
  • Viewing benefit history
  • Checking application status

Karen Logan, El Paso County DHS Economic and Administrative Services Director, said, “It is our hope that El Paso County residents will find it easier to report changes, apply for benefits and get answers to their questions at the touch of a finger rather than a trip in car.”

On Aug. 1, El Paso County DHS began a program to help customers better learn how to use the MyCoBenefits app. Representatives will be available in DHS lobbies

In order to register your account on the app you will need your social security number and case number. If you do not have your case number you can contact the El Paso County DHS customer service line at 719-444-5124 or visit one of our nine different locations.