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Colorado State University Extension – Online Land Stewardship Program is now live!

Those who own, live on, and manage small-acreage properties are responsible for a variety of natural resources, including soil, water. air, plants and animals. It is important to manage these resources sustainably to ensure the land remains healthy, productive, ecologically diverse and preserved for future generations.

By participating in this program, you will have the opportunity to:

· Learn the fundamental properties of soils, including fertility and texture.

· Understand water quality, become familiar with major laws protecting our water, and learn how to protect water resources.

· Learn to identify, prevent, and manage weeds on your property.

· Learn about attracting wildlife and understand deterrent tools.

· Develop an emergency plan for your livestock and property.

· Develop a grazing management plan for pastures and range.

The Land Stewardship program includes seven courses targeted for small acreage land owners, farm or livestock managers, urban/rural hobby farmers, realtors and listing agents and specifically developed for the Colorado-arid west soil and climate conditions.

Visit: csu-landstewardship.com for information, registration and fees.