The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is looking to utilize the community’s ever growing video surveillance network.

Video cameras are one of the best methods for detecting and apprehending criminals. That’s why the Sheriff’s Office has recently launched aCommunity Video Partnership program.

Police regularly ask public organizations, businesses, andindividuals to share video camera footage that might aid in crime-solvingefforts. Police who respond to burglaries, assaults, and other crimes will beable to see a list of nearby locations with cameras. This will help themquickly contact registered video partners that may have captured footagerelated to the incident.

This program works on a voluntary basis with property owners whohave private video security systems that record public areas such as streets,sidewalks, parking lots, etc.

We encourage businesses and residents to register any securitycameras that view and record public areas in the county. Working together, wecan make El Paso County a safer place to live and conduct business.

To learn more about the Community Video Partnership Program orto register, please visit: