the pikes peak promise is depicted with safety, opportunity, and affordability displayed across the top, and our path to a better future displayed at the bottom

October 11, 2023 – Local community leaders, alongside elected officials, united on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, to introduce the groundbreaking “Pikes Peak Promise” initiative. This collaborative endeavor seeks to confront urgent challenges facing the Pikes Peak Region, focusing on public safety, opportunity, and the cost of living.

The official announcement occurred at the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office and featured various distinguished speakers who provided valuable insights into the “Pikes Peak Promise”.

Carrie Geitner, Vice Chair of the El Paso Board of County Commissioners, underscored the initiative’s significance, affirming, “The ‘Pikes Peak Promise’ transcends mere goals; it represents our unwavering commitment to crafting a safer, more affordable, and opportunity-rich environment for all residents of the Pikes Peak Region.”

The event also included Brad Miller, Founder of Miller Farmer Carlson Law, who added his perspective as a prominent local legal and education expert. He stated, “I am excited to see student transportation barriers be addressed in this regional list of priorities. This will help children truly have access to a school that fits their needs and where they can have a quality education regardless of zip code. No child should be stuck in a school that is failing to meet their needs because of bureaucratic red tape.”

Michael Allen, District Attorney, spoke on public safety challenges and the need for enhancements. District Attorney Michael Allen stated, “A primary objective of the ‘Pikes Peak Promise’ is truth in sentencing. We want to ensure that anyone convicted of crimes against a person and repeat offenders must serve more of their sentence before being eligible for parole so that we can keep our community safe and help victims of crime heal.”

Brian Risley, Colorado Springs City Council, highlighted the need for improving community affordability, articulating, “Nowhere is the cost of living impacting our community more than the cost of housing. I sincerely believe that we can protect the consumer and allow for more construction of needed housing options at the same time. That’s why I support the tort reform discussed in the Pikes Peak Promise, commonly known as ‘construction defects reform’.”

Subsequently, a question-and-answer session with the speakers enabled media members to delve deeper into the intricacies of the “Pikes Peak Promise”.

About the “Pikes Peak Promise”:

The “Pikes Peak Promise” represents a comprehensive initiative that brings together elected officials, law enforcement agencies, and community partners, uniting their efforts to tackle critical issues plaguing the Pikes Peak Region. This initiative aspires to cultivate a safer, more affordable, and opportunity-rich community through legislative action and community engagement.

Pikes Peak Promise Priorities

Public Safety

  • Recruiting and fully staffing law enforcement agencies by removing the $25,000 personal liability and restoring qualified immunity
  • Fully funding bedspace for juvenile offenders
  • Ensuring that those convicted of crimes against persons and repeat offenders serve no less than 85% or 75% of their sentences (respectively)

Unlocking Opportunity

  • Allow state colleges the flexibility to serve as charter authorizers
  • Remove roadblocks to transporting school children between districts
  • Address teacher shortages by automatically allowing military spouses licensed to teach in other states to teach in Colorado
  • Permit high-school students working in targeted industries to earn high-school credits through work experience

Cost of Living

  • Increase the supply of affordable housing units through targeted construction-related tort reform
  • Institute senior property tax exemption portability
  • Extend the greenhouse gas roadmap compliance timelines
  • Ensure electricity on demand by permitting natural gas energy plans
  • Add more childcare facilities for working parents by reforming startup funding and requirements