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June 24, 2024 – The El Paso County Board of Commissioners announces a vacancy on the El Paso County Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Advisory Board. Applications for the open position are due by July 8, 2024

The role of the El Paso County CSBG Advisory Board is to participate actively in the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of the CSBG program in El Paso County and making recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on how best to utilize CSBG funding to serve low-income residents of El Paso County.

The Board consists of nine members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners for three-year terms; members are limited to two full consecutive terms.

Board meetings are held quarterly; March, June, September, and December on the 2nd Friday of the month from 2:00-3:30 PM. Meetings are currently being held over an online platform.

The CSBG Advisory Board is currently seeking two new members.

  • ‘Public Elected Official’ sector: Public officials selected to serve on the board must have either executive government responsibilities, or responsibilities which require them to be involved with poverty-related matters. Each public official may choose one representative to serve on the board, full-time on their behalf. This member need not be a public official themselves, but they assume the elected (or appointed) official’s seat on the board.

  • Low-Income Sector: This member must be representative of low-income individuals and families in El Paso County.

The volunteer application is located at www.elpasoco.com and can be accessed at: https://bocc.elpasoco.com/volunteer

Send completed applications to:

Board of El Paso County Commissioners

Attn: Ingrid Mobley

200 S. Cascade Ave., Suite 100

Colorado Springs, CO 80903-2208


Applications may also be faxed to 719-520-6397 or emailed to volunteer@elpasoco.com.